Cardiovascular Disease and Diabetes Prevention

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Prevention Goals:

1. Increase awareness of the risk factors for cardiovascular disease including tobacco use, uncontrolled hypertension, high cholesterol, obesity, physical inactivity, unhealthy diets, and diabetes.

2. Decrease the proportion of adults and children at risk for developing type 2 diabetes.

The following RHIP Health Indicator Metrics apply to the Cardiovascular Disease & Diabetes Prevention Workgroup:

1. Decrease the prevalence of adults who report no leisure time physical activity from 16% in Crook County, 14% in Deschutes County and 17% in Jefferson County to 14%, 12%, and 15 % respectively (Baseline: Oregon BRFSS, 2010-13).

2. Decrease the prevalence of 11th graders and 8th graders who 0 days of physical activity from 11% and 6% to 10% and 5%, respectively (Baseline: Oregon Healthy Teens, 2013).

3. Decrease the prevalence of adults who are overweight (BMI 25 to 29.9) from 33% to 31% (Baseline: Oregon BRFSS 2010-13).

4. Decrease the prevalence of 11th graders and 8th graders who are overweight from 14% and 16%, respectively, to 13% and 14%, respectively (Baseline: Oregon Healthy Teens, 2013).

5. Decrease the percentage of OHP participants with BMI greater than 30 from 31.5% to 30.9% (Baseline: Oregon State Core Performance Measure, MBRFSS 2014).


Physical Activity A3


This group meets every 4th Tuesday of the month from 3:30-5pm

About RHIP Workgroups

The Central Oregon Health Council assembled RHIP Workgroups, groups of community professionals focused on some aspect of the Regional Health Improvement Plan, in 2016 to strategize and address the RHIP Health Indicators for their pillar of the RHIP.

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Cardiovascular Disease & Diabetes Prevention Meeting Packets

Cardiovascular Disease & Diabetes Prevention Workgroup Members

MaCayla Arsenault (Organizer)
Central Oregon Health Council

Steve Strang, MPH, MBA (Group Leader)
Mosaic Medical

Sarah Worthington, MPH, RD (Group Leader)
Deschutes County Health Services

Katie Ahern, MS
OSU Extension Service

Katie Chipko
Children’s Forest

Kathy Drew
Gero-Leadership Alliance

Kylie Loving
Crook County Health Department

Meg Moyer
Bend LaPine School District

Leslie Neugebauer, OTR/L, MPH

Brian Potwin
Commute Options

Lindsey Staling
Mosaic Medical

Crystal Sully
Deschutes County Health Services

Emily Wegener
Jefferson County Health Department

Jess Wieland
High Desert Food and Farm Alliance