Milestones to Health and Education (formerly Kindergarten Readiness)


This group meets every 3rd Friday of the month from 10-11:30am


Click here to view the charter for the SDOH: Milestones to Health and Education RHIP Workgroup.



Literacy A3
Access A3
Social Emotional A3

Developed Materials

This workgroup has not developed any materials yet.


About RHIP Workgroups

The Central Oregon Health Council assembled RHIP Workgroups, groups of community professionals focused on some aspect of the Regional Health Improvement Plan, in 2016 to strategize and address the RHIP Health Indicators for their pillar of the RHIP.

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SDOH: Milestones to Health and Education Meeting Packets

SDOH: Milestones to Health and Education Workgroup Members

Donna Mills (Organizer)
Central Oregon Health Council

Desiree Margo, D.Ed. (Group Leader)
MA Lynch Elementary School, Redmond School District

David Burke
High Desert ESD

Laura Campbell

Kendra Coates, D.Ed.
High Desert ESD

Brenda Comini
Early Learning Hub

Katie Condit
Better Together

Kim Hatfield
Friends of the Children

Cheri Helt
Bend La Pine School District

Pam Horwich

Wendy Jackson, RN
Central Oregon Pediatric Associates

Dita Keith
Healing Reins

DeeAnn Lewis
Family Resource Center

Kat Mastrangelo
Volunteers in Medicine

Katie McClure
Uncommon Health Solutions

Heather McNeil
Deschutes Public Library

Lora Nordquist
Bend La Pine Schools

Katie Plumb
Crook County Health Department

Tim Rusk
MountainStar Relief Nursery

Carlos Salcedo, BS
St. Charles Medical Group

Emily Salmon
St. Charles Medical Group

Hilary Saraceno
Deschutes County Health Services

Faith Seals
Better Together

Marney Smith
Les Schwab Amphitheater

Shelly Smith
Kids Center

Kate Wells

Ken Wilhelm
United Way of Deschutes County