Community Advisory Council


What We Do

The Community Advisory Council (CAC) is chartered by the Central Oregon Health Council (COHC) Board of Directors to advise and make recommendations to it on the strategic direction of the organization. The overarching purpose of the CAC is to ensure the COHC remains responsive to consumer and community health needs. The CAC is intended to enable consumers, which will comprise a majority of the CAC, to take an active role in improving their own health and that of their family and community members.


The CAC provides guidance and feedback to the COHC in the following areas:

  1. COHC Work Plan
  2. Regional Health Improvement Plan
  3. Regional Health Assessment
  4. Development, implementation and evaluation of innovative initiatives, programs, services and activities

The CAC assists the COHC through the following roles and activities:

  1. Serve as a conduit for residents of each geographic area in the region to ask questions and raise concerns
  2. Identify opportunities to improve population health in the Central Oregon region
  3. Advocate for COHC preventive care practices
  4. Maximize engagement of those enrolled in the Oregon Health Plan (“OHP”)
  5. Provide advice to help COHC link the community’s medical and non-medical services to overcome barriers to health
  6. Provide a link back to community constituents to aid in achieving the COHC Vision and Guiding Principles


Members of the CAC are recruited to represent the diversity of the Central Oregon community and may include race/ethnicity, age, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, and geographic location as a criteria for selection. CAC members possess a collaborative working style, and provide expertise and insight in the areas of social services, public safety and community resources. Individuals with a broad community perspective on health matters are preferred.

Community Advisory Council Organization
Linda McCoy (Chair) Consumer Representative
Elaine Knobbs (Vice-Chair) Mosaic Medical
Jeffrey White Consumer Representative
Julie Rychard Full Access
Ken Wilhelm United Way of Deschutes Co.
Nicole Rodrigues Consumer Representative
Regina Sanchez Consumer Representative/Crook Co. Health Department
Sean Ferrell National Forest Service
Suzanne Browning Kemple Memorial Children’s Dental Clinic
Bruce Abernethy Bend-La Pine School District
Angela Kimball Oregon Health Authority