Change in St. Charles Health System Funding Guidelines

Our partner St. Charles Health System recently shared their new priority focus area. Here is their announcement:

Every three years, St. Charles Health System chooses a community benefit priority where we will focus our efforts and dollars in a targeted way to improve the health of the communities we serve. Starting this year through 2022, St. Charles will focus its efforts on preventing alcohol misuse. As part of this decision, St. Charles will no longer sponsor events where alcohol is the primary focus – this includes fundraising events where alcohol is prominently featured in the title or promotional materials.

We are happy to consider sponsoring other events where alcohol is not the primary focus. Thank you for your understanding and please consider joining us in these efforts as we work to combat the high toll alcohol misuse takes on the health of Central Oregonians.

Please click the below link to review the St. Charles Health System Community Health Needs Assessment and Regional Health Implementation Strategy: