Redetermination for the Medicaid Population

During the COVID-19 public health emergency, the federal government allowed Oregon to provide more benefits and services. People got more food benefits and kept their health coverage during the pandemic even if they no longer met the normal requirements. The pandemic rules ended in April 2023. Oregon Health Authority (OHA) needs to renew medical benefits for everyone who has Oregon Health Plan (OHP), Medicare Savings Programs, and Medicaid Long Term Care services and supports for people with disabilities and older adults.

Oregon is working to keep as many people protected as possible. Most people will keep their benefits. For some people, benefits will change or end. There are other options for people who need medical benefits. But people need to take action. Those who have OHP or other Medicaid benefits need to keep their address up to date so OHA can contact them for their renewal.

When it is time for people to renew, they will receive one or more letters, including a case summary, that will tell people what to do next:

  1. Confirm that their benefits will continue. They may not need to reply.
  2. Ask for action to renew their benefits. This may be in two separate letters, one saying they have been renewed and need to send information, and the other explaining what information to send and how to send it.
  3. Their benefits will be changing or ending and they will be referred to other options.

It is important for everyone to review their case summary and report changes if any of the information in it has changed. Examples of changes to report include income, address, other health insurance, and members of the household.

Letters are being mailed now through mid-2024. To learn more, visit the OHA website here.