What We Do

In response to the COVID-19 crisis the Central Oregon Health Council is operating the Central Oregon Resource Directory (CORD). Click here to view the directory.

The Central Oregon Health Council works to improve health care while both lowering the cost and raising patient and provider satisfaction. We do this for the nearly 50,000 Central Oregon residents who receive Medicaid/Oregon Health Plan benefits.

Beyond this, we provide visionary leadership to improve com­munity health and prevent unnecessary health care.

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How We Do It

We act as the community governing board by informing strategies and policies for PacificSource Community Solutions — Central Oregon’s Coordinated Care Organization (PacificSource is con­tracted to provide health care to Medicaid members).

We are a catalyst for change in local health care and we bring together hospital administrators, health care providers, insurance providers, and government representatives. Together we resolve issues and challenges and foster a collaborative vision of what exceptional health care looks like.

We give Medicaid members a voice at the table. Our Community Advisory Council closes the dis­tance between patient experiences and health care administration.

We invest the health care system’s savings back into community initiatives which directly affect Central Oregon’s overall health. 

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Case Studies

Better Together

Juntos Aprendemos (translated: together we learn) is an initiative that connects families to resources and schools to close the gaps in Kindergarten Readiness and 3rd-grade reading outcomes between Latino students and their peers. This project builds upon the already substantial strengths of our Latino community by ensuring that the culture of family support is integrated into school settings.

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St. Charles Health System

The St. Charles Mobile Care Clinic will provide ongoing clinical support to help patients with diabetes increase self-management skills, identify barriers to care, and make lifestyle changes that improve quality of life.

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High Desert Food and Farm Alliance

VeggieRx is a fresh produce prescription program that improves healthy eating habits for individuals experiencing food insecurity and diagnosed with diet-modifiable disease. This program aims to increase the access to and consumption of fresh vegetables and fruits by participants who receive vouchers for produce as well as nutrition education.

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Regional Health Improvement Plan

Every four years, the Central Oregon Health Council creates a Regional Health Improvement Plan (RHIP), a criti­cal tool for developing  and collaborating on actions and policies that promote health for all residents. The RHIP addresses the broad issues of health in varied environments within our diverse region of Central Oregon. This document is created by an intentionally collaborative process, and defines the vision for the health of our community.  The RHIP includes goals, measurable indicators, and suggested strategies. Below you will find current and past Central Oregon RHIP documents and supporting materials.

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Funded Initiatives

Funded Initiatives are programs and projects that have received funding in order to make a measurable impact on one or more specific metrics that are outlined in the Regional Health Improvement Plan (RHIP).

Cascade Peer & Self-Help Center

2016-2019 RHIP

Cascade Peer and Self Help Center is a drop-in center for people experiencing on going mental health and/or addiction issues who are engaged in mental health or addiction treatment or referred...

Deschutes County Stabilization Center

2016-2019 RHIP

The Deschutes County Stabilization Center (DCSC) is a collaborative project between Deschutes County Health Services and the Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office to develop a 24/7 crisis...

Tertiary Pain Program

2016-2019 RHIP

The Tertiary Pain Program will provide access to comprehensive pain care resources for individuals and their family or caregivers.  This one-year pilot project is a collaborative effort between...

Bridging the Gap: Between Specialty Behavioral Health & Primary Care

2016-2019 RHIP

Through the “Bridging the Gap” pilot project, Brightways Counseling Group, BestCare outpatient Treatment Services, and Rimrock Trails Treatment Services are partnering with select primary...

COIC – Building Regional Engagement and Capacity to Address Priority Housing Issues

2016-2019 RHIP

With the support of COHC, COIC’s Housing for All program will deliver two workshops aimed at bringing together regional housing stakeholders to build joint action and partnerships to...

Crook County Health Department – Youth Summit for Health: Teen Pregnancy Prevention

2016-2019 RHIP

The Youth Summit For Health (YSFH) is a community-based intervention that aims to decrease teen pregnancies by delaying risky sexual behaviors and providing teens with the healthcare resources...

St. Charles: Addressing SDoH in Central Oregon using a Community Resource Referral Platform

2016-2019 RHIP

The funding support from the Regional Health Improvement Plan for Addressing Social Determinants of Health (SDoH) will support a one year pilot to establish a build a resource directory in...

High Desert Food and Farm Alliance

2016-2019 RHIP

The High Desert Food and Farm Alliance’s mission is to increase access to fresh healthy food, support sustainable farm land use, and foster relationships among farmers and consumers. Their...

Thrive Central Oregon- Service Maintenance & Expansion

2016-2019 RHIP

Thrive Central Oregon will grow to meet current and future demand for services from Central Oregonians who are homeless or at risk of homelessness by expanding our ability to provide creative...

Central Oregon IPA – Hypertension Control Education

2016-2019 RHIP

The Central Oregon Independent Practice Association (COIPA) sponsored this proposal for Dr. Mark Backus to educate Central Oregon primary care providers on hypertension control. Dr. Backus has...

Crook County School District

2016-2019 RHIP

Crooked River Elementary School received funding to pilot a two-year study determining students’ levels of physical activity and understanding the effects it has on health, pre and post...


2016-2019 RHIP

NeighborImpact represents and serves economically disadvantaged residents of Deschutes, Crook and Jefferson counties. They assist families and individuals with housing stabilization, early...

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