TRACES (Trauma, Resiliency, and Adverse Childhood Experiences)

TRACES is a movement dedicated to making Central Oregon a region where every individual has the strengths, social connectedness, and community resources they need to thrive. With funding support from the Central Oregon Health Council, TRACES will identify a high-risk population (kids experiencing foster care), study the total possible spectrum of children’s needs (health, development, education, social connectedness, etc.), and assess a defined population to identify ‘how much’ is needed. Once this work is completed, TRACES and partners will work to attract and direct (potentially significant) resources to agencies that can fulfill the identified needs. The work with the defined population will be evaluated for possible replication region-wide. Over the course of their lifetime, children who have experienced significant trauma are likely to experience lost wages and utilization of healthcare, special education, child welfare, and criminal justice services estimated to cost Central Oregon communities $38-$81 million per year.