Each committee at the Central Oregon Health Council directly serves the Board of Directors on an ongoing basis. The committees serve as subject-matter experts to advise the Board on things like strategy, funding decisions, equity practice, and more.

Community Advisory Council

The Community Advisory Council (CAC) is responsible for identifying and advocating for preventive care practices, oversight of the Regional Health Assessment (RHA), planning to reduce health disparities, and improve the overall health of the communities served by the CCO. The CAC includes health care consumer members of the CCO as well as representatives of public and private agencies that serve CCO members. Consumer representatives constitute a majority of the CAC membership.

Central Oregon Diversity & Inclusion Committee (CODI)
This committee provides expertise, focus and actionable strategies to advance diversity, equity and inclusion needed to meet the goals of the Regional Health Improvement Plan. They communicate inequities, create capacity, influence policy and practice, and grow leadership. Attendance and membership is open to the public.

Provider Engagement Panel

The Provider Engagement Panel (PEP), formerly known as the Clinical Advisory Panel, is a committee housed within the Central Oregon Health Council (COHC) and governed by the COHC’s Bylaws. The PEP provides a highly valued clinical perspective to the work of the COHC. Providers on the PEP represent a variety of healthcare organizations that serve the OHP population.

Operations Council

The COHC Operations Council (OPS) is chartered by the Central Oregon Health Council (COHC) Board of Directors to promote and facilitate accessible, affordable, quality health services including mental, behavioral, oral, and physical health for Central Oregon residents. OPS is charged with providing strategic, fiduciary, and operational advice to the COHC in an effort to design and implement key initiatives to meet the goals and objectives of the COHC.

Finance Committee

This team are responsible for recommending financial policies, goals, and budgets that support the mission, vision, values, strategic goals, contract requirements, and legislative requirements of the COHC and the Coordinated Care Organization (CCO). Attendance and membership are by invitation only.

Governance Committee

This committee seeks to improve the Board’s effectiveness and continuing development. They are also accountable for evaluating and recommending Board policies and executing Board governance. Attendance and membership are by invitation only.

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