Grant-Writing Support

In Fall 2021, we launched a new means of providing support to our partners in their endeavors:
access to free grant-writing assistance.
We encourage organizations that are new to grant writing
or lack development staff to take advantage of this opportunity.


How Do I Qualify?

•  Your organization has identified a grant that you wish to submit an application for.

•  The grant project will serve the Central Oregon region.

•  The project meaningfully impacts a Regional Health Improvement Plan (RHIP) Future State Measure, which can be communicated and measured.

How Does It Work?

•  The grant consultant can provide up to ten hours of support to you for a particular grant.

•  The grant consultant cannot write the grant on your behalf but can help you interpret the requirements and review ideas for ways to answer questions.

•  The grant consultant can also help review the final draft if it is provided at least ten days before the due date.

If you are ready to get started or have questions,
you can contact us at | 541.306.3523

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