How to Apply

Thank you for your interest in the Central Oregon Health Council’s funding opportunities. Please read all eligibility requirements before proceeding to the pre-grant application checklist and online application. Our open funding cycle for 2020-2023 is focused specifically on six topic areas (listed below under Eligibility) with specific metrics under each; any proposal that does not specifically address one of these areas’ metrics will not be considered.

How We Fund

Funding opportunities are available intermittently. Workgroups will open and close funding cycles as needed. Mini-grants (requests of $5,000 and under) are available all the time.

All funding decisions are overseen by priority area workgroups containing both community members and subject-matter experts. Each applicant will be required to present to the workgroup whose metric their proposal intends to address (i.e. if your project is about increasing high school graduation, you will need to present your project to the Addressing Poverty workgroup).

Here is a quick overview of the application process:

  • Visit the COHC website to review eligibility criteria
  • Become familiar with the priority area(s) your project affects by visiting their webpages and reviewing their section in the Regional Health Improvement Plan
  • Review & complete all pre-application checklist items (below)
  • Complete attestation form at the bottom of this page
  • Complete application in online grant portal
  • Present to the applicable workgroup(s)
  • Workgroup evaluates project and determines approval or denial


Please read all eligibility requirements thoroughly before proceeding.



Questions to ask


Does the applying organization have a tax ID?

Review the 2020-2023 Central Oregon Regional Health Improvement Plan (RHIP) priority areas, their aims and future state metrics.

Identify which specific workgroup future state metric(s) the project will improve.

Will this project directly help Central Oregon reach our community’s priority goals and measures of improvement?

Explain how this project will improve one or more of the 2020-2023 Regional Health Improvement Plan future state metrics.

How and why will this project help Central Oregon reach the community’s priority goals and measures for improvement?

Consider possible partnerships and collaborations, then contact the partners and discuss the project with them in detail.

Who else in the community needs to know about this program? Who do we need to work with to make this a reality? What new partnerships should we consider for this project?

Review the application

Is my organization prepared to answer the questions in the application? Do I have all the information I need?

Contact the appropriate workgroup facilitator about interest in applying and scheduling a presentation

Is this the right fit? How can the Central Oregon Health Council support us? When will I present?

Review grant project rating criteria

What are all the elements I might consider when designing the project?

Write project objectives in SMART format

What will the project count/measure to understand if it’s doing what was intended? What will the project count/measure to know if the project has been successful?

Obtain community letters of support

Which community partners see the value in this project and why do they want to see it funded?

Plan for financial sustainability

(*This doesn’t apply if the funding request covers the life of the project)

How do we continue this work after this funding has been expended?

Develop a plan to evaluate project progress

How will the project collect and analyze information about our project’s effectiveness during its life cycle? How will this information be used to make adjustments?

Calculate budget for full project and broken down by year (if more than one year)

How much financial support does the project need? For what and when?

Complete attestation form on website

Have I done everything needed before submitting?

Complete and submit application on Central Oregon Health Council grant platform.

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Complete Online Application


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