Impact Incentive Fund

The Central Oregon Health Council (COHC) is committed to creating a healthier future for Central Oregonians. We are encouraging organizations to apply for other grants (such as foundation and government grants) that further the Future State Measures listed in the Regional Health Improvement Plan (RHIP). This will expand the potential for impact beyond the limited funds available to RHIP workgroups to improve health and well-being in our region.

If you represent a small organization, we are here to support you with this fund. Please call us with any questions and we will be happy to help you identify next steps. Our goal is to make these funds as accessible as possible, including to those without dedicated development/grant writing staff.

About the Fund

The Impact Incentive Fund is open to organizations applying for funding from other grantors that impacts the RHIP Future State Measures. This fund will match awarded amounts up to a maximum of $250,000. The amount awarded by the COHC can be equal to or less than the amount awarded by the other grantor, up to the $250,000 maximum.

This fund will not apply to any grants awarded by the COHC. The purpose of this fund is to focus greater efforts beyond the grants that the COHC awards toward the RHIP. All Impact Incentive Funds are first-come first-serve and this opportunity will end when all funds have been spent.

How to Qualify

• Only grants from outside the COHC that award funds to the Central Oregon region will qualify.
• Organizations must have a Tax ID number.
• Grant activities must directly impact at least one Future State Measure from the RHIP in a meaningful way.
• Complete the Impact Incentive Fund form about 30 days before the grant is due.
• The maximum amount the Impact Incentive Fund can award to any one project/grant is $250,000.
• The total amount that any one organization can receive, whether for one grant or several, is $250,000

What Is Not Eligible

• Grants awarded by the Central Oregon Health Council.
• Grants whose submission date has passed or that have already been awarded.
• Grants still in the Letter of Interest (LOI) stage.
• Grants that do not impact a RHIP Future State Measure.
• These funds cannot be used for:
    • Brick-and-mortar construction and capital campaigns
    • Billable services in healthcare (such as doctor visits, counseling appointments, etc.)
    • Rent, mortgage, and utilities for individual recipients

How to Receive Impact Incentive Funds

• The outside grant must be awarded.
• The award letter with the award amount must be provided.

Examples of Ways to Use Impact Incentive Funds

• Expand project capacity.
• Expand service area.
• Extend project timeline.
• Include additional prioritized populations.
• Secure a grant where a match is required.

How to Apply

  • Fill in the request form about 30 days before the grant’s due date. Decisions will be communicated within two weeks of submitting the request form.
  • If your grant requires a match, call the Grants and Metrics Manager, Rebeckah Berry, at 541.306.3523.
  • For grants where a match is required, the COHC can provide a pre-approval of Impact Incentive Funds, contingent upon the grant being awarded.


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