Oral Health

toothbrush-and-flossGoals & Metrics

Clinical Goal(s):

1. Improve oral health for pre- and post-natal women

Prevention Goal(s):

1. Keep children cavity-free

The following RHIP Health Indicator Metrics apply to the Oral Health Workgroup:

1. By 2019, increase the percent of pre and postnatal women who had a dental visit from 55.2% to 60% (Baseline: PRAMS, 2011).

2. By 2019, increase the percent of children 6-14 years who received a dental sealant to 20% (Baseline: Oregon Health Authority, 2015).

3. By 2019, decrease the percent of 1st and 2nd graders with untreated dental decay in schools that participate in the School Dental Sealant Program by 5% (Baseline: School Dental Sealant Program, 2013-2014).

4. By 2019, decrease the percent of 8th graders who missed one or more hours of school due to going to the dentist because of tooth or mouth pain by 0.5% (Baseline: Oregon Health Teens Survey, 2013).

5. By 2019, increase the percent of children 0-5 years who received a dental service within the reporting year to 40% (Baseline: PRAMS, 2011).


This group meets every 3rd Tuesday of the month from 11am-12:30pm


Click here to view the charter for the Oral Health RHIP Workgroup.


Sealant A3

Integration A3

Developed Materials

This workgroup has not developed any materials yet.

About RHIP Workgroups

The Central Oregon Health Council assembled RHIP Workgroups, groups of community professionals focused on some aspect of the Regional Health Improvement Plan, in 2016 to strategize and address the RHIP Health Indicators for their pillar of the RHIP.

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Oral Health Meeting Packets

Oral Health Workgroup Members

Donna Mills (Organizer)
Central Oregon Health Council

Mary Ann Wren, BS, RDHEPP (Group Leader)
Advantage Dental

Shelly Batty
Capitol Dental

Marissa Becker-Orand
The Children’s Learning Center

Suzanne Browning
Kemple Clinic

Tricia Clay
St. Charles Health Systems

Brenda Comini
Early Learning Hub

Kathy Drew
Gero-Leadership Alliance

Richard Fixott, DDS, DABFO
Retired Dentist

Elizabeth Gordon
Moda Health

Karen Hall

Dyan Keuhn

Sharity Ludwig, EPDH, MS
Advantage Dental

Marie Manes
La Pine Community Health Center

Mindie Nelson
Weeks Family Medicine

Karen Nolon
Moda Health

Jill Rowe
Bluefish Dental

Yuberca Pena
Willamette Dental

Heather Simmons, MPH

Matthew Sinnott
Willamette Dental

Debbi Smith
Kemple Clinic

Laura Spaulding
WIC Supervisor

Sherri Sturko

Julia Waybrant
Mosaic Medical