Quality Incentive Measures

These tools help measure and track the quality of health care services provided by eligible professionals and eligible providers within our health care system. These measures use data associated with providers’ ability to deliver high quality care or relate to long term goals for quality health care.

Regional Assessments

Assessment is the process of gathering and discussing information from multiple and diverse sources in order to develop a deep understanding of the topic area, need, or issue at hand. Assessing an area includes systematically collecting, assembling, and analyzing information that is generated directly or collected from other reliable sources.

Project Highlights

Funded Initiatives

Funded Initiatives are programs and projects that have received funding from the COHC to make a measurable impact on one or more specific health indicators as outlined in the RHIP.

RHIP Workgroups

Regional Health Improvement Plan (RHIP) workgroups were formed in spring of 2016. There are currently nine workgroups that align with each area of focus within the RHIP. Each workgroup meets monthly, and has a living work plan that outlines the group’s priorities and target health indicators that the region is striving to meet by the end of 2019.