Reproductive & Maternal Child Health


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Clinical Goal:

1. Reduce the prevalence of low birth weight among live-born infants by improving prenatal/postnatal care for mothers and infants.

Prevention Goal:

1. Prevent unintended pregnancies.

2. Improve immunization rates of children birth to two years.

The following RHIP Health Indicator Metrics apply to the Reproductive Maternal Child Health Workgroup:

1. By 2019, increase the number of women in Central Oregon who receive prenatal care beginning in the first trimester from 86% to 90% (Baseline OHA: Performance Measures – Central Oregon Region – PS – May 2015; Oregon Health Authority 2013: Crook (77.8) Deschutes (81.0) Jefferson (66.3) (Baseline: Healthy 2020 – 70.8%).

2. By 2019, decrease the percent of tobacco use among Central Oregon pregnant women from an average of 12.1% to 7.0% (Baseline: Oregon Health Authority Annual Report, 2013; Crook (15.0%) Deschutes (9.8%) Jefferson (11.4%) (Tobacco Smoking Prevalence – 2016 Metric).

3. By 2019, reduce low birth weight (LBW) (less than 2500 g {less than 5 lbs. 8 oz.}) to an incidence of no more than 5% of live-born infants in Central Oregon (Baseline: OHA, 2014; Healthy People 2020 – Goal).

4. By 2019, increase effective contraceptive use among women of childbearing age in Central Oregon from 31.4% to 50% (Baseline OHA: Performance Measure – Central Oregon Region – PS – May 2015).

5. By 2019, increase the Central Oregon State Performance Measure – Child Immunization Status rate (0-24 months) (NQF 0038) from 62.1% to 80% (Baseline OHA: Performance Measure – Central Oregon Region – PS – May 2015; Immunization Rates, Oregon, 2014 ( Crook (63%) Deschutes (60%) Jefferson (70%); Healthy People 2020 – 80%.


This group meets every 2nd Tuesday of the month from 4-5pm


Click here to view the charter for the Reproductive Maternal Child Health RHIP Workgroup.


Unintended Pregnancy A3

Developed Materials

This workgroup has not developed any materials yet.

About RHIP Workgroups

The Central Oregon Health Council assembled RHIP Workgroups, groups of community professionals focused on some aspect of the Regional Health Improvement Plan, in 2016 to strategize and address the RHIP Health Indicators for their pillar of the RHIP.

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Reproductive & Maternal Child Health Meeting Packets

Reproductive & Maternal Child Health Workgroup Members

Donna Mills (Organizer)
Central Oregon Health Council

Muriel DeLaVergne-Brown, RN, MPH (Group Leader)
Crook County Health Department

Michael Baker
Jefferson County Health Department

Misty Boughton
Weeks Family Medicine

Stevi Bratschie

Liliana Cabrera
Planned Parenthood

Laura Campbell

Tricia Clay
St. Charles Medical Group

Lori Colvin
Healthy Families

Pamela Ferguson
Deschutes County Health Services

Elizabeth Fitzgerald
Deschutes County Health Services

Jessica Hallyburton

Erin Hoar
Perniatal Care Continuum

Sarah Holloway
Deschutes County Health Services

Barbara Ibrahim
Jefferson County Public Health

Wendy Jackson, RN
Central Oregon Pediatrics Associates

Heather Kaisner
Deschutes County Health Services

Cary Liebl
St. Charles Medical Group

Betsy Mitchell
Mosaic Medical

Sarah Mosher
St. Charles Health System

Robert Ross, MS, MScED, FAAFP
St. Charles Medical Group

Jeff Stewart
East Cascades Women’s Group

Brianne Swift

Tricia Wilder
Planned Parenthood

Mary Ann Wren, BS, RDHEPP
Advantage Dental