Regional Health Improvement Plan

Every five years, we create a Regional Health Improvement Plan (RHIP). The RHIP is a guide that we and our partners use to promote and advance health. Current areas of focus include mental health, physical health, education, stable housing, and more.

The RHIP is written collectively with many of our partners in Central Oregon. Working together helps us to define a vision for the health of our communities.  Below you will find current and past Central Oregon RHIP files and related documents.

Current Plan

The 2020–2024 Regional Health Improvement Plan (RHIP) was published on January 9, 2020. This is the first RHIP to operate on a five-year cycle (the next plan will be published in 2025). Each priority area of the RHIP focuses on an area of health or wellness. Once a month, a workgroup of volunteers meets to decide how to improve their chapter’s focus area on a regional scale. Click the links below to read the RHIP, and check out the 2020–2024 RHIP workgroups here.

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