What We Do

The Central Oregon Health Council works to improve health care while both lowering the cost and raising patient and provider satisfaction. We do this for the nearly 50,000 Central Oregon residents who receive Medicaid/Oregon Health Plan benefits. Beyond this, we provide visionary leadership to improve com­munity health and prevent unnecessary health care.

Our purpose in this community began as a desire to do health care better (see our History). We strive to achieve this goal by serving as a neutral convener for the health partners in the region (for us, health includes a lot more than doctors, dentists and hospitals – we involve education, transportation, housing, local government officials and many more).

There are a few things we are required by the State to do. One of those things is to serve as the governing body over the Coordinated Care Organization (CCO) which is PacificSource Community Solutions. This involves convening community members, Medicaid members, care providers, and others on a regular basis to discuss gaps in the system and opportunities for improvement.

Another requirement is to publish a Regional Health Assessment (RHA) and a Regional Health Improvement Plan (RHIP) every four years (see the Regional Assessments page and the Regional Health Improvement Plan page). Most of our work is dedicated to activating that RHIP, and we do this by facilitating workgroups of volunteers focused on achieving the plan (see the Workgroup page for more information).

Beyond the basic requirements, we also bring together the health care leaders in Central Oregon (see our Board of Directors page) to discuss opportunities for systems change.

All this work is made possible by the Central Oregon Health Council staff (see the Staff page), our Board of Directors, and over 150 committee & workgroup volunteers. Together, we are making a healthier Central Oregon.


In response to the COVID-19 crisis the Central Oregon Health Council is operating the Central Oregon Resource Directory (CORD). Click here to view the directory.

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