Standard Grants

The Central Oregon Health Council is responsible for investing $12 million in the communities in our region between January 2020 and December 2024.  These investments must directly impact our Regional Health Improvement Plan. Our priority areas each have a team of community members who decide as a workgroup how to invest the funds.

When there is a specific unmet need in our communities, Workgroups for each priority area create grant opportunities, also known as Requests For Proposals (RFPs).  These Request for Proposals must impact one measure in the Regional Health Improvement plan (examples: increasing high school graduation rates, decreasing food insecurity).  Click here to review the scoring matrix used for standard grants. See instructions for applying for grants with access codes. 

Please see the current open RFPs below for more details.

Improving Kindergarten Readiness and Third-Grade Reading Proficiency

Letters of Interest (LOIs) accepted until: 5/17/21 (cycle opened 4/7/21)
LOI results notification: 6/3/21

Financial support regional and community efforts that directly support the following regional measures:

  • Increase letter name recognition at kindergarten readiness by 20% for students from economically disadvantaged* and underserved races. 

  • Increase third grade reading proficiency by 15% for students from economically disadvantaged* and underserved races. 

*The Oregon Department of Education defines Economically disadvantaged as “students who are eligible for free or reduced-price lunch”. 

Award Floor/Ceiling: $5,000 – $100,000

Application for approved LOIs deadline: 7/8/21
Applicants notified: 8/9/21


Mini Grant Opportunities

The Mini Grant funding cycle is open year-round until further notice. All requests must be $5,000 or less and address at least one Future State measure in the six priority areas of the Regional Health Improvement Plan.

Click here to learn more about Mini Grants

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